Q: What age should I start investing?

A: As soon as possible, the younger you start learning and growing your money the better off you will be in your later years, such as retirement.

Q: Where can I start investing quickly and easily?

A: The Robinhood app provides a great option for new traders to start investing commission free. By clicking the image below and signing up through our referral link you will receive 1 random free share of stock just for signing up! 

Robinhood – Investing, No Fees

Q: What’s the difference between a value stock and a growth stock?

A: A growth stock is generally a company with earnings rapidly on the rise, but can sometimes be over anticipated and become overvalued. A value stock is a company that has proven itself year after year by slowly but steadily increasing earnings and value. Value stocks often pay dividends rewarding shareholders for holding their stock.

Q: What is Diversification?

A: Diversification is the idea of having several different types of investments in a portfolio and is known as a risk management technique. The overall goal of diversification is to limit risk and maximize growth potential.  

Q: What Are Dividends? 

A: Dividends are company profits rewarded to shareholders, usually four times a year, once per quarter. Not all companies pay dividends, typically the stocks that pay dividends are value stocks, it is much less common for a growth stock to pay dividends. 

Q: Should I Invest In Cryptocurrency?

A: Here’s my answer plain and simple. Cryptocurrency is one of the highest risk investments due to the fact it can move up or down 5%, or more, on any given day. However, if want to invest in a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, even if you truly believe in it gaining tremendous value over time it is still essential to remember that at the end of the day it is still a risky investment. You should strictly only invest what you can afford to lose.